VICTORIA -- The BC Green Party's Andrew Weaver has announced plans to step down as leader in January.

Weaver said he will keep his position as MLA for Oak Bay- Gordon Head until the end of the term. Weaver had previously announced in October that he would not seek another term as MLA in the provincial election in 2021.

Weaver said he’s leaving on a high note.

"I think it’s important to pass the torch after a time when there’s been a lot of success," he told reporters in Victoria.

Some of those successes include a climate action plan he helped create, having three MLAs in the house, and passing legislation in line with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

"The next party will inherit a party that’s never been in better shape," he added.

He said he’s unsure who will replace him at this point but has asked the party to appoint an interim leader who does not plan to run for the leadership.

"There’s going to be an exciting race, and it’s best not to be that hanger-on," the MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head added. "It’s best to step aside and let an interim leader be the caretaker, and that way I’m no longer the spokesperson for the party because that could potentially be viewed as undermining my colleagues."

Weaver said he expected the race would start in January.

He also added the party would continue to support the Confidence and Supply Agreement, which keeps the NDP in power, and one of his priorities is to ensure the stability of the government until the next provincial election, which is scheduled for the fall of 2021.

Weaver said he came to the decision after discussions with the party, his caucus, and others.