VANCOUVER - B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver has announced he will not seek another term as MLA in the 2021 provincial election.

He'll continue his role as party leader in the meantime until a successor has been chosen, he said in a release Monday.

"The decision not to run for re-election has not been easy for me," Weaver said. "I feel a deep responsibility and pride for the role the B.C. Greens have played in getting the province back on track to meet its climate commitments."

He told reporters in Victoria Monday that he's long believed politics shouldn't serve as a career path. He also added it's time for a new generation to take over in the fight against climate change.

"When I first decided to leave my post as Canada research chair in climate modelling and analysis at the University of Victoria to run for public office in 2013, I did so out of a sense of civic duty," Weaver's release continued.

"The B.C. Green Party is where I felt I could make the most difference, but I could not imagine the many ways we would transform the B.C. political landscape."

After the 2017 provincial election, Weaver's party held the balance of power in the B.C. legislature because the B.C. NDP and the Liberals were so close in seat counts. The B.C. Green Caucus agreed to support the NDP, the province's first minority government in 60 years.

Weaver added Monday he's committed to the political stability of the minority government, adding he believes in Premier John Horgan and trusts he's aware of how urgent action is required on climate change.

Horgan said he's disappointed by Weaver's decision, but happy with what they've accomplished together.

Responding to reporter questions Monday, Weaver said he would not be seeking election federally.