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Before and after: Photos show impact of still-burning Lytton, B.C., fire


A photo posted by B.C. firefighters shows the impact so far of a fire tearing through the small village of Lytton.

The photo, which according to a post on Reddit Thursday was taken by a member of the Chilliwack Fire Department, shows a smoky street in the village southwest of Kamloops.

The same scene visible through Google Street View shows the extent of the damage caused by a massive fire that prompted the evacuation of the entire community on Wednesday.

Houses and buildings that once lined both sides of Main Street are gone in the new image. Charred remains are all that appear to be left.

The fire hit the Fraser Canyon village, which made headlines multiple days this week for recording the highest-ever temperature in Canada, so quickly that its approximately 1,000 residents grabbed what they could and scrambled.

Provincial officials hosted a last-minute news conference on Canada Day to urge those who've been forced to leave home to register at an evacuation centre, as some people are still unaccounted for.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said what's known so far is that most houses and buildings, including the local hospital, have been damaged.

As of Thursday afternoon there was no confirmation of any injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation, and officials say it is not connected to a wildfire raging nearby.

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