VANCOUVER -- No, the rumours that B.C. liquor stores are closing aren't true, but the attorney general says provincially-run shops are taking some precautions when it comes to COVID-19.

In an emailed statement Friday, the ministry said BC Liquor Stores are adjusting their hours, in part to ensure staff have enough time to fully clean them.

This is to protect both employees and customers, the province said.

The number of customers allowed into a store at one time will also be limited, if required, meaning lineups are possible.

This is to allow stores to meet the guidelines for physical distancing outlined by provincial health officials.

The government also addressed rumours that supplies are running low.

"While there is no shortage of beer, wine and spirits in B.C., an increase in sales and customers has led to challenges in keeping shelves properly stocked," the statement said.

The message is similar to that of Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart, who said Thursday that he's heard from grocery store owners and those in the supply chain that there is no issue with distribution of goods. Shelves are empty because people are "hoarding." 0

The decrease in time stores stay open will help keep shelves full.

It appears that the reduced hours may vary store to store, and if landlords or malls are limiting their hours, it will impact certain liquor stores too.

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