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B.C. teacher faces 1-week suspension over physical altercation with student he embarrassed

An empty classroom is seen in this undated file photo. An empty classroom is seen in this undated file photo.

A B.C. teacher who got into a physical altercation with a Grade 8 student is facing a one-week suspension of his professional license.

David Wesley St. Clair Reid is being disciplined for failing to “maintain a positive and safe learning environment” for a youth dubbed “Student A” one day in February 2021, according to a consent resolution summary by the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation.

The commissioner found that Reid failed to familiarize himself with Student A’s individual education plan (IEP), meaning he was unaware of the pupil’s triggers or an appropriate response plan.

“Contrary to Student A’s safety plan and IEP, Reid embarrassed Student A in front of their classmates,” the summary reads.

The then-agitated student reached up and made contact with Reid’s face, according to the commissioner. In response, the teacher ordered for the student to leave while attempting to physically move them out of the classroom.

“At one point, Student A tripped and fell backwards onto the floor, causing Reid to fall on top,” the commissioner wrote.

After the fall, Reid pulled the student up, but kept ordering for the youth to leave.

“This incident caused Student A to experience anxiety,” the summary reads.

As a consequence, Reid was issued a letter of discipline by the unnamed school district, and suspended for five days without pay in May 2022.

This month, on Feb.2, Reid and the commissioner entered into a consent resolution agreement.

He’s admitted to his professional misconduct two years ago, and agreed to a one-week suspension of his certificate of qualification.

The commissioner ultimately determined that Reid did not maintain a positive and safe learning environment for Student A, and that his physical interaction with the youth was inappropriate.

Reid has held a valid professional certificate since 2014, according to the summary, and his suspension will begin on Feb. 27 and last until March 3. Top Stories

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