No need to point fingers, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says.

Instead, B.C. Premier John Horgan is getting a box filled with hundreds of mirrors – 504 to be exact.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who can cause gas prices to fall?" quipped Kris Sims of the CTF, who dressed as the wicked witch in Snow White before delivering the box.

"Here are some mirrors to help him figure it out."

Horgan ordered an investigation into why the cost of gas in B.C. is so much higher than elsewhere back in May, after gas prices hit a record $1.70 per litre.

"We need I believe an independent arbiter to lay out how we got here," he said at the time, tasking the B.C. Utilities Commission with the inquiry.

The BCUC is said to be investigating profit margins, retail mark-ups – including whether gouging is at play – and what government could do to moderate spikes.

But Sims says the problem with the inquiry is it's not taking into consideration taxes or government actions.

"The taxation level in the province of B.C. is sky high," she said.

She also brought up Horgan's position on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project: "If we aren't going to get supply expanded through a Trans Mountain pipeline we could easily wind up back at $1.70 again in Vancouver."

The inquiry findings were released Friday. Here's the full report and more information.