VANCOUVER -- The B.C. Centre for Disease Control has added nearly two dozen flights to its list of possible COVID-19 exposures since Sunday afternoon.

The centre added three flights to the list on Sunday, nine more on Monday and 11 on Tuesday.

The latest additions to the list all took off from or landed at a B.C. airport between April 15 and 24. A total of seven different airports in the province had at least one case of COVID-19 pass through them during that time period.

Details of the 23 flights added to the list since Sunday follow.

  • April 15: WestJet flight 3103 from Calgary to Nanaimo (rows one to six)
  • April 18: Air Canada/Jazz flight 8408 from Kelowna to Calgary (rows four to 10)
  • April 19: WestJet flight 3041 from Calgary to Cranbrook (rows four to 10)
  • April 19: Alaska Airlines flight 3316 from Seattle to Vancouver (rows six to 10)
  • April 20: WestJet flight 3111 from Calgary to Kamloops (rows one to seven)
  • April 20: Swoop flight 183 from Edmonton to Abbotsford (rows one to six)
  • April 20: WestJet flight 3344 from Kelowna to Calgary (rows six to 12)
  • April 21: Air Canada flight 215 from Calgary to Vancouver (rows 25 to 31)
  • April 21: Air Canada/Jazz flight 8079 from Vancouver to Victoria (rows three to nine)
  • April 21: WestJet flight 3387 from Calgary to Kelowna (rows six to 12)
  • April 21: Air Canada/Jazz flight 8261 from Vancouver to Nanaimo (rows seven to 13)
  • April 21: WestJet flight 115 from Calgary to Vancouver (rows eight to 14)
  • April 21: WestJet flight 3375 from Calgary to Kelowna (rows one to five)
  • April 22: WestJet flight 3342 from Calgary to Kelowna (rows five to 11)
  • April 22: WestJet flight 3115 from Calgary to Victoria (rows nine to 15)
  • April 23: Swoop flight 182 from Abbotsford to Edmonton (rows 15 to 21)
  • April 23: WestJet flight 706 from Vancouver to Toronto (rows not reported)
  • April 23: Air Canada flight 45 from Delhi to Vancouver (rows 24 to 30 and 32 to 44)
  • April 23: Air India flight 185 from Delhi to Vancouver (rows 33 to 39 and unknown)
  • April 23: KLM flight 681 from Amsterdam to Vancouver (rows 30 to 34)
  • April 23: WestJet flight 3109 from Calgary to Nanaimo (rows one to four)
  • April 23: WestJet flight 711 from Toronto to Vancouver (rows not reported)
  • April 24: American Airlines flight 2263 from Dallas to Vancouver (rows 10 to 16)

Anyone who was on any of the flights should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, seeking testing and self-isolating if any develop.

Passengers who were seated in the rows listed are considered to be at greater risk because of their proximity to a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

Studies suggest the risk of COVID-19 transmission on flights is low, though some cases of onboard transmission have been documented. 

While international travellers are required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arriving in Canada, B.C. has not imposed such a requirement on domestic travellers. However, health officials strongly discourage non-essential travel within Canada.

B.C. also recently imposed new restrictions on travel between health authorities within the province. Those found violating the new order can be subject to $575 fines, though details on how the order will be enforced have still not been announced

Health officials in B.C. do not directly contact everyone who was on a plane with a case of COVID-19 on board. Instead, exposure notifications are published on the BCCDC website