B.C.'s anti-gang task force has arrested nine people following a year-long investigation into illegal gaming houses, money laundering, loan sharking and kidnapping. 

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit said the criminal network behind the various operations has national and international ties, including to mainland China.

The probe was launched in May 2016 and ultimately led police to six different homes, which turned up "large amounts of cash and bank drafts, drug paraphernalia, suitcases, cellphones, computers and other related material," the CFSEU said in a news release.

A number of luxury vehicles were also seized, including one that had what police describe as a sophisticated hidden compartment.

Nine people have been arrested in connection with the investigation, and police expect to bring more suspects in as their investigation continues. No charges have yet been laid in the case.

The CFSEU said it was assisted by various RCMP detachment and the Vancouver Police Department, and that the B.C. Lottery Corporation cooperated with its probe.

Anyone with information on money laundering, illegal gaming or loan sharking is urged to contact the CFSEU's Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team.