Vancouver has a new claim to fame now that it's become home to the world's priciest hot dog selling at $100 per booze-infused dog.

The all new Dragon Dog sold at Dougie Dog on 1011 Granville St. features an oven-broiled bratwurst injected with a top-shelf cognac that regularly sells for $300 a shot. Truffle oil-infused kobe beef and fresh garlic lobster are layered on top.

The triple-luxury-meat dog is wrapped in a sweet sourdough bun, dressed in a house special sauce, and topped with fresh tomatoes and a sprinkling of truffles.

Dougie Luv, owner of Dougie Dog restaurant, said in creating a specialty hot dog it's important to have distinct flavours in every bite.

"When you bite into the hot dog you have to be able to taste the pork and the cognac" he said, beginning to describe the flavours. "The kobe beef kicks and you can start smelling the truffles. Then you get to the lobster and the mix of garlic and butter."

Luv said business has taken off with people buzzing about the new menu item.

"We need a 12-hour notice to have one of these hot dogs so people are already booking their times now," Luv said.

The Dragon Dog beats the current Guinness World Record holder, the $69 Foot Long Haute Dog at Serendipity 3 in New York City.