Dozens of the province's recycling depots will now accept new types of plastics including zipper-lock bags, candy wrappers, cellophane and bubble wrap.

As of June 1, 116 depots have expanded the list of items they recycle. The items fall under the category of "other flexible plastic packaging," Recycle BC said in a statement Thursday.

The expansion is being rolled out in phases, and the latest round of plastics will be accepted at all depots by the start of next year.

In addition to the products mentioned previously, select depots will also accept potato chip bags, wrappers for snack bars and cheese slices, stand-up pouches for baby food and soap, and packaging for fresh pasta and deli meats. British Columbians can also bring in net bags, woven plastic bags and padded protective plastic such as shipping envelopes for recycling.

Currently, they're accepted in locations including the Burnaby Eco-Centre on Still Creek Drive, the Vancouver landfill in Delta and the Panorama Village Return-It Depo in Surrey. A full list of products and locations is available on Recycle BC's website