Alice Wong, Hedy Fry and Ujjal Dosanjh were among the winners in some of the B.C. battleground ridings that were expected to go down to the wire.

Conservative Party candidate Alice Wong has defeated Liberal Party incumbent Raymond Chan in the hotly contested Richmond riding. It was in Richmond that Tory leader Stephen Harper launched his campaign to help Wong.

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Wong won with 49.5 per cent of the votes, and credited Harper for her success in defeating Chan, who secured 31 per cent. "Voters have seen the performance of Mr. Harper and the party,'' she said.

Meanwhile, after squeaking through in Vancouver South with 39.9 per cent, Ujjal Dosanjh said economic concerns and the "demonization of Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion,'' had allowed the Conservative Party to win the federal election race.

"British Columbians were worried about their wallets and thought that Mr. Harper would do a better job,'' he said.

Dosanjh, who turned 62 on election day, narrowly defeated Wai Young, who received 37.2 per cent of the votes.

Another Liberal Party stalwart, Hedy Fry held onto the Vancouver Centre riding. She defeated Tory candidate Lorne Mayencourt with 34 per cent.

In other Vancouver ridings, Don Davies won for the NDP in Vancouver Kingsway, a win that pleased Libby Davies, who also retained Vancouver East for the NDP.

"The NDP has shown itself to be a very strong force,'' said Davies, who credited Party Leader Jack Layton for his strong campaign.