Vancouver trainer Steve McMinn uses techniques from all over the world to create an interesting and fun way to get into shape. He incorporates Indian clubs, ropes, rubber bands, kettlebells and other items into his clients' workouts, with an emphasis on quality – not quantity – when it comes to training.

McMinn trains small groups of no more than eight people, paying more attention to detail. Gym goers learn how to crawl, swing kettlebells, stretch using Indian clubs and do some circuit training.

"I've seen people who came here very weak," McMinn said. "They've managed to do physical feats that they thought they would not be able to do."

Paul Dreger, 40, has been training at McMinn's gym for the past year.

"If I work out by myself at this age, I don't push myself hard enough. I get lazy," he says. "The coach holds you to account and as a group it's more motivating."

Stephen Schramm wants to push himself harder at the gym without injury. He brings his 12-year-old son along.

"It's something for us to do together," the 56-year-old says. "Good for him to have some exposure to a group of people working together rather than it being an individual thing. Fitness is a group activity."

McMinn stresses that workouts should be done properly and considered part of a healthy lifestyle.

"What exercise should be looked as is an insurance policy for the longest possible independent life, not just something that is going to make you lose a bunch of weight for a vacation," he says.