VANCOUVER -- A Metro Vancouver high school student who found himself in a bit of a predicament cited a higher power in an appeal to his school district's superintendent.

The email, apparently written by a teenager at Rockridge Secondary School in West Vancouver, was posted by Supt. Chris Kennedy Thursday.

The subject of the message wrote that it was one of the better weather-related emails he got during a recent snowstorm that prompted warnings from transit and government officials to stay home if possible.

"I am writing this email in regard to the weather," the email to Kennedy starts.

"Not only are the road and driving conditions extremely treacherous, but I have a chemistry test scheduled for tomorrow. This would normally not be problematic, but due to recent weather patterns, I have spent the last two days skiing and drinking hot chocolate instead of preparing for the test."

The email writer went on, saying the entire student body "desperately asks" for Kennedy to call a snow day on Thursday.

"If you do, not only will I study for chemistry, but I will also take my chances and ask out the best looking girl in the school. Just think Mr. Kennedy… What would Jesus do?"

Unfortunately for the anonymous student, the weather cleared overnight and school was back on for much of the region, including in West Vancouver. Kennedy wrote that he hoped the test went well. 

It was not immediately clear whether Kennedy took the student's advice to try to improve the odds of a day off: "Please wear your PJ bottoms inside out and backwards tonight as Wikipedia says this will increase the chance of snowfall."