Video captured by a boater over the weekend shows a black bear out for a swim.

The bear is seen dog-paddling across one of the largest lakes in B.C.'s Lower Mainland.

Shanna Amaral said she captured the video Sunday while boating with friends in Pitt Meadows.

She said the bear seemed focused on reaching the other side of Pitt Lake.

"We weren't scared at all, we just thought it was very cute," she told CTV News Vancouver.

She posted the video to Instagram, where it had been liked by hundreds of people by Tuesday afternoon.

Another bear video was recorded earlier this summer on the same lake.

Video from a boat launch shows a mother bear helping her cubs, at least one of whom appears to be struggling to swim across.

The video from Paul Csintalan shows the sow and two cubs at some distance from shore. At one point, one of the cubs starts to lag behind, and can be heard crying out repeatedly.

Its behaviour was described by conservation officers as "bawling" – a cry meant to get its mother's attention.

The mother goes back to the cub, submerges and reappears as the cub scrambles on to her back.

She and her offspring then swim to a nearby dock.

"I've never seen a video like that," B.C. Conservation Officer Service Sgt. Todd Hunter told CTV News Vancouver at the time.

He said there's an area of Pitt Lake where the current flows out, into the river, where the water is fast-moving and crossing can be difficult.

An education co-ordinator with a rescue group said cubs need to be taught by their mothers to swim or climb, and applauded those who watched from the shore, keeping their distance and staying quiet. She said it would have made the situation more distressing for the animals, who needed to swim to land and then rest.