If Doug Vanalstine were in the U.S. he would likely be behind bars. But in B.C., he's in the snowmobiling business, running tours for a family-friendly resort.

Police say Vanalstine is a senior member of the UN gang. They blame the group for many of the Lower Mainland's shootouts, and say they are a violent criminal organization.

Vanalstine is a also convicted drug trafficker in Canada, and in 2007 authorities in Washington state issued a warrant for his arrest.

They claim he and UN gang leader Clay Roueche organized shipments of cocaine from Mexico and South America through the United States to Canada and Australia.

Roueche was arrested in Texas last year and is now in a Seattle jail awaiting trial.

But so far, Vanalstine has avoided arrest. He's living in the Okanagan running tours at Big White ski resort.

Outback Snowmobile Tours is contracted by Big White and is registered to Vanalstine's friend, Steve Powell.

Vanalstine can be seen on the company's website fingering the camera.

The vice president of Big White says he had no idea his resort is doing business with a UN gang member.

"Brand new news to us when you told us this morning, we huddled, as a management team, this business is associated to big ski resort as they operate off Big White ski resort," says Michael Ballingal.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Justice promises it's coming for Vanalstine.

"We do go after every defendant," says US District Attorney Doug Whalley. "Our policy is to extradite every one of them."

But the process can take years.

The Organized Crime Agency's Superintendent Pat Fogerty says it's tough for the RCMP to get him.

"It's a US-based charge and these people are now in Canada and in order for the RCMP to actually apprehend them there has to be a provisional arrest warrant," says Fogerty.

Fogerty admits the Canadian police don't have the power to arrest Vanalstine.

Last May, B.C.'s organized crime agency acknowledged it was conducting an investigation into the UN gang, including Vanalstine. But no charges have been laid.

At Big White, CTV News caught up to Vanalstine, but he declined to talk to CTV News.

The resort says it's been talking to the RCMP and examining its business association with Outback.

Late Friday afternoon, Vanalstine's pictures were removed from the company website.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington