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Vase made by actor Seth Rogen sells at Vancouver auction for $12K – 4 times as much as expected

Photos posted by auction site Heffel show a vase created by actor Seth Rogan. Photos posted by auction site Heffel show a vase created by actor Seth Rogan.

A ceramic sculpture crafted by a B.C.-born actor sold for about four times the amount it was expected to bring in at auction.

An orange, knobbly vase made by Seth Rogen was one of several items for sale at an auction to support programs at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

According to the gallery, the budding artist also known for his love of cannabis started in ceramics in 2019. From his home in L.A., he now crafts vases, bottles and more, the art gallery said, describing it as "a new pot habit – ceramic pots that is."

The artist, according to those behind the description posted on the auction website, is known for is use of brilliant colours and eye-catching texture: "Rogen uses glaze sculpturally to build up the surfaces of his vases to strange and sometimes humorous effect."

One of his one-of-a-kind works was on display at the downtown Vancouver gallery, along with 32 other pieces that were also for sale at the spring auction.

The brightly coloured sculpture is about eight inches tall, according to a listing, and bears a simple "Seth" signature, which appears to be in smudged Sharpie, on the bottom.

The untitled piece was expected to sell for about $3,000, though auction house Heffel estimated it may sell for as much as $5,000.

Instead, it went for much, much more.

Bidding closed at 1 p.m. Tuesday, when the latest bit had reached $12,000. It appears whoever was behind the paddle made several bids on the item, as did the runner up, who dropped out at $11,000.

The piece was donated by Rogen, and all proceeds will go to the gallery.

Also among the items in the auction's catalogue are a killer whale mask from late Indigenous artist Beau Dick, with a final bid of $40,000, an acrylic-on-canvas piece from Taiwanese artist Michael Lin, which sold for $65,000, and a Cindy Sherman print, which sold for $120,000. Top Stories

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