Close to three dozen people holding signs and Brazilian flags gathered on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday to take part in a global protest related to the fires at Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.

“Most of us are Brazilians and it is important for us to show the world what is happening in Brazil," said protester Rodrigo Tomzhinski.

For weeks, the Amazon has been devastated by fires, putting international pressure on the Brazilian Government.

President Jair Bolsonaro has responded by authorizing the country's military to fight the fires.

Protesters across world blame Brazilian agriculture rules for the fires and want policies changed.

Tomzhinski is calling on Canadians to support a boycott of Brazilian products.

"Our economy in Brazil is based on soy and cattle, so if we stop buying it things will change in (the) Amazon,” he said,

“Our habits here in Canada, the US and Europe all impact what's going on in Brazil,” added Giovanna Guerini, another protester.

The BC Wildfire Service has said it will not be sending any firefighting resources to Brazil because British Columbia does not have a mutual aid agreement in place with Brazil.