Yet another Vancouver-area driver has been fined for playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel.

Vancouver police said in a tweet Monday the driver was fined $368 after he pulled up beside two police offers while playing the popular cellphone game.

“While playing (Pokémon Go) may be fun, it’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others so that you can play while driving,” the police department wrote.

The tweet also included a photo of a tablet sitting on a car seat with the Pokémon Go app on the screen.

The traffic stop is the most recent in a growing list of distracted driving incidents involving the game.

In July 2016, Vancouver police issued a public warning urging people to refrain from trying to “catch ‘em all,” at least while they’re behind the wheel.

At the time, officers said they’d issued six tickets to distracted motorists in the city caught playing the game.

About two months later, Mounties in Burnaby fined two others.

Drivers caught using their phones for any purpose can face fines of $368 and a four-point penalty.

Pokémon Go has caused safety concerns off the road as well.

Last summer, Vancouver police and Richmond RCMP issued a warnings urging the public to remain aware of their surroundings while playing the game.

In July, two Canadian teens were briefly apprehended after they accidentally crossed the U.S. border into Montana while wrapped up in the game.