The Vancouver Canucks are calling for alcohol restrictions to be relaxed during games.

Currently at Rogers Arena, fans can only buy two 12-ounce servings of beer at a time. But Canucks Sports and Entertainment would like to be able to sell two 20-ounce servings instead – the equivalent of two full pints.

In addition to beer, wine and hard cider, management wants permission to sell mixed drinks like gin and tonics and rum and cokes on the concourse. Right now, they’re only available inside private suites. Arena management says it should be no different in public areas, but they would not sell hard alcohol shots.

The request to ease alcohol rules is part of a five-page wish list sent to the B.C. government as parliamentary secretary John Yap conducts a review of B.C.’s liquor laws.

Yap has until Nov. 25 to make a final report to submit to the attorney general.

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