You're planning a vacation. You've checked the weather reports, you've booked a hotel with a pool and you've chosen your seats on your flight, but what about illness outbreaks at your resort or on your cruise ship?

The norovirus is easy to catch, hard to kill and it can show up in all sorts of places like cruise ships and resorts. Which is why it's one more thing you may want to check on before booking your trip.

So how do you know the place you’ve booked has gone above and beyond to protect your health? Start by doing your research.

"Talk to friends and family, people who actually have been there that you know and trust," advised Allison Wallace with Flight Centre.

Check websites like TripAdvisor to see if there is any mention of illness, but read reviews with caution.

"I kind of see what everybody in the middle is saying because that usually gives you a better indication and it's not just a one-off negative or positive experience. It's sort of what the general reviews are saying," said Wallace.

If you do find issues, or have concerns, check them out beforehand. Call the resort directly or your travel agent.

"If a resort has definitely had an outbreak of the norovirus you definitely want to see that they've closed the resort to do a full santitation cleaning," Wallace said.

You can look for outbreak updates on international cruises on the Center for Disease Control's website, and see what, if any, actions have been taken.

And if you decide you want to change your reservation or get a refund, remember you get what you pay for.

"The lowest price levels are always a little bit more restrictive. All those flexibilities are taken away from you," explained Wallace.

Paying a little more may allow you to make changes without major penalties.

If you have expressed concerns before you take off on your trip and then something does go wrong you could have more recourse if you end up requesting a refund. So it's always best to do your research before you leave home.