A new payment method will soon let people tap onto Metro Vancouver's transit system using a credit card instead of TransLink's Compass Card – but it comes with a small catch.

TransLink promises the credit card tap-in system, which is being rolled out this spring, will make accessing transit easier for tourists and infrequent riders who don't have a Compass Card. It's also expected to cut down on lineups at ticketing machines.

But it also poses a risk of what the transit provider is calling "card clash" – when people try to tap in using their wallet, and the system isn't sure which of their cards to charge.

"TransLink is reminding its customers to tap only the card they wish to be charged, not their wallet or a phone case with multiple cards inside," the transit providers said in a news release Friday.

"This will ensure the correct card is charged once the technology goes live in the system."

While the system could result in an unintended credit card being charged, TransLink promised it will never result in multiple cards getting charged simultaneously.

"Under no circumstances will multiple cards be charged during a single tap," it said.

TransLink has not announced a specific date for the credit card tap-in system.