A CTV comparison with other boards shows Translink directors are among the most highly paid public officials -- higher than amounts recommended by the provincial government.

In fact, Translink board members are paid more than double the recommended salaries, and the board's new chair takes home more than triple his recommended income.

Victoria recommends board chairs be paid a maximum yearly retainer of $30,000. And the fee for taking part in board meetings should be no greater than $500, the recommendations say.

That's well below the $1200 being doled out to Translink directors -- even if they only phone their presence in.

And the recommended maximum of $30,000 is less than a third of the $100,000 being paid to Translink Chair Dale Parker.

In January, Translink board members voted in favour of a 500 per cent pay raise for themselves in their first board meeting.

Their first board meeting was also the first one closed to the public.

Last year, Translink directors made an average of about $7000. Now, they will start at $25,000 and depending on how many meetings they attend, a director could earn as much as $45,000 per year.

Assurances from the chair aren't cutting it with critics still upset about the pay hikes and the way they were implemented.

Some say taxpayers should keep this issue top of mind as we head towards elections in the fall and next spring.