Every Friday, Lynda Steele dips into the viewer mailbag to answer your questions. This week, Steele on Your Side looked into the best strategies for unsubscribing from email lists and buying popular concert tickets.

Concert ticket tips

Maria recently tried to buy tickets to the upcoming Elton John concert in Vancouver, but was disappointed when they were almost immediately sold out. She asked CTV News what the best strategy is when buying tickets to popular concerts. 

Ticket broker Vancouver Ticket told us there are a few ways to increase your chances of getting tickets to highly anticipated shows. Firstly, you can go directly through the artist by becoming a member of their fan club. Many fan clubs will offer show tickets to members before selling to the general public.

Another optionis to search online for presale codes or passwords. Many band sites and forums give away access codes to presale tickets. Similarly, radio stations and credit cards like American Express sometimes sponsor early ticket sales for events.

One of the most guaranteed, albeit expensive, ways to buy tickets is to become a season ticket holder at a venue. Rogers Arena season ticket members, for example, have access to advance tickets sales to all of the big name shows coming through town. 

How to unsubscribe from emails

Julia wrote us after she had trouble unsubscribing to email newsletters. She continued to receive annoying emails even after she clicked on the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the page. She asked why some unsubscribe features fail to remove your email address from the list. 

Internet security company Fortinet said that some spam contain unsubscribe linksthat are actually malicious. Their adviceis to “think before you link” by hovering the mouse over the unsubscribe button to see its actual address. If the URL doesn’t look legitimate, use anti-spam software to filter out these emails. If the company is legitimate, contact them directly and let them know their unsubscribe link is not working.