An Edmonton man has invented a new hands-free way to brush your teeth for anyone who is serious about oral hygiene on the run.

Adel Elseri got the idea for the T2T hands-free toothbrush while he was stuck in traffic one day.

“I found myself using the tip of my tongue brushing the top and back of my teeth the top and bottom right there and then I knew it. Jackpot!" said Elseri.

Elseri spent $75,000 to develop what he says is the world’s first tongue-mounted toothbrush. The device is placed on your tongue, which you then rub along your teeth to start the cleaning. Elseri says you can discreetly brush your teeth on the go, while driving, hanging out with friends or exercising.

The T2T has micro three-dimensional pyramids that are aligned to help clean the teeth. The disposable, one-use dental product also has an anti-bacterial coating inside and out.

Vancouver dentist Dr. Shaireen Lalani is not convinced the product is a good alternative to brushing, saying the tongue can’t reach all of the areas of the mouth. Tongue sizes can also vary, so the fit might not work for everyone.

“I think what would be more effective than this would be just drinking a lot of water when you’re on a long trip or maybe some carrots or celery or gum to chew on,” said Dr. Lalani.

But Elseri says he's not trying to replace the toothbrush. He just wants to offer consumers a convenient new alternative to keep their smiles pearly white.

Elseri is currently looking for a partner to help him develop and market the product. He already has one patent and three others pending. If you want to learn more about the product you can visit the T2T website.