VANCOUVER -- A B.C. builder is asking for the public's help after two of his tiny homes were stolen from a lot in Surrey this week.

The homes, which are valued at $200,000, were stolen early Tuesday morning from a lot on 152nd Street.

John Beck of Rolling Bear Tiny Homes said they are offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to the capture of the people responsible.

The builder told CTV News that surveillance cameras captured two people with trucks coming onto the lot, and that they were "in and out within three to five minutes."

Beck said the COVID-19 pandemic has already created challenges for his business, and that the thefts are another blow.

"These are tough times for all of us," he added. "We've sort of isolated ourselves and worked really, really hard to come up with the best designs that we could and now it's a setback."

Police confirmed they are investigating the thefts and asked anyone with information to contact the Surrey RCMP detachment.