Too soon?

A Vancouver arena that once housed the Canucks has been plastered with Boston Bruins logos in effort to disguise the building's interior for a movie shoot.

Photos of Pacific Coliseum posted on Twitter by TSN's Farhan Lalji drew quick criticism from fans who remember too well a time the Bruins took to centre ice in 2011.

Seven years after Vancouver lost to Boston in game seven of the Stanley Cup finals – a loss that led to rioting in the streets of the city – seeing the Bruins logos at the arena touched a nerve for some.

"This is a travesty to BC hockey," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Is the riot being scheduled as we speak?" another asked.

"This is out of line even for a movie shoot," wrote user VANcanucks92.

"Jim Benning is the inside man," posted another, referencing the general manager's history as assistant GM in Boston. Benning was working for the Bruins at the time of their Stanley Cup win.

"Better not have a 2011 banner up there…" posted Adam Fisher.

Others wrote that they felt the paint job was an upgrade.

"Finally this rink sees a winner," Rob Izsak posted.

Spencer Beir simply wrote, "Ouch!"

According to IMDB, the logo was painted and pennants were hung for an upcoming ABC series called "A Million Little Things," starring Rob Livingston, David Giuntoli and Romany Malco.