VANCOUVER -- I’m back!

It’s my first day back at work in more than a year and it feels so “normal." It feels like I’m getting another piece of my life back.

My life, of course, took a dramatic turn after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2019. When I left on medical leave, my life was shrouded in uncertainty and I really didn’t know when I would get to step into the newsroom again.

But here I am! And it has been so good to see familiar faces and to feel so welcome by my colleagues today. Hugs. Flowers. Kind words. It feels like I’m where I should be.

I’m not on the air just yet. Let’s just say I have some catching up to do. And I’m a little nervous being back at work after such a long absence.

Work reunion

Will I remember how to do my job? Will I be able to adapt to all the changes from the past year? How am I going to get through 16,000 emails in my cluttered inbox?

Today is also the day I’m ditching the hats.

Work reunion

I’ve been hiding under hats since I lost my hair during chemotherapy some 10 months ago.

Even though I finished chemo back in August, it feels like it’s taking forever for my hair to grow back. And what’s come in is this crazy curly hair (especially in the back) that was never curly before! Having hair again is still so new that I often catch myself reaching up and touching my hair, marveling that it is actually there.

I know it’s super-short but this is me and I’m embracing it.

I’m also embracing the chance to be back at work again. Not everyone on this journey gets that chance.

See you on TV soon!

Work reunion