Three quarters of British Columbians now support legalizing pot, according to a new poll from Angus Reid Public Opinion.

The survey shows a six per cent increase in British Columbians who support the drug’s taxation and regulation rather than police chasing and arresting marijuana dealers, bringing the number up to 75 per cent. The number in support of decriminalization alone is at 62 per cent.

Mario Canseco, vice president of Angus Reid, told CTV News the increase may be related to the possible financial benefits legalization could see, spurred on by the state of Washington’s upcoming vote on marijuana.

Washington residents vote Tuesday on the licensing and regulation of marijuana production and distribution. If the initiative passes, the revenue could be as high as $2 billion over five years, according to a state of Washington’s fiscal review.

“Many B.C. residents are looking at this issue and thinking that we might be better off just taxing and regulating marijuana, treating it like we do alcohol,” said Canseco.

It’s not just about money though, he says some people think legalization could help reduce violent crime associated with the drug.

“There’s a growing belief that if we were to legalize marijuana… then the level of violence associated with the criminal activities that surround the marijuana trade will also be lower,” said Canseco.

The poll was conducted with 800 participants under direction of Stop the Violence BC, a group that is calling for the reform of marijuana laws.