Nothing quite says summer in Vancouver like a BBQ and a boat ride, and now thanks to a local business, you can do both at once.

Joe’s BBQ Boat is an electric powered vessel that resembles a large, orange inner tube. Up to eight people can get on board the eco-friendly boat that comes equipped with a BBQ in the center of it.

Joe Dekeyser is a Belgian ex-pat who thought the European BBQ Boat concept would be a perfect fit for Vancouver.

Consumer reporter Lynda Steele took a trio of eager CTV News interns for an adventure on the high seas to test out the vessel.

Before anyone sails on the boat, they must undergo a safety lesson that includes a rundown of safety equipment on board, a discussion on how the boat works and a map showing the boundaries you must stay within.

“We've had a group going too close and actually exploded our engine on the rocks. The other important thing about going on the water is basically who has the right of way," said Dekeyser.

After the lesson, Steele and the interns set sail in False Creek. It didn’t take long to recognize navigating the boat wasn’t as easy as she expected.

“I think I'm figuring it out. It's just that it reacts so slowly," said Steele.    

A half hour in, the group lights up the BBQ and throws a few skewers on the grill. After lunch, the CTVcrew heads back to the dock.

The BBQ Boat starts at $30 dollars an hour per person. But the more people on board, the lower the price per person. It's a minimum 2.5 hour rental and no boating license is required. There is also absolutely no alcohol permitted on the boat, as per Transport Canada rules.