Despite denying the incident happened as depicted, a Gastown restaurant is closing its doors for good following allegations involving a rodent in a bowl of soup.

The announcement was made on Instagram two weeks after a viral video emerged of what patrons claimed was a dead rat in their chowder.

Crab Park Chowdery wrote that it's shutting down on Sunday after two years in business.

"Unfortunately it has been a catastrophic event. It's not an image we can outrun," owner Ashton Phillips said. "It's been a great run."

Phillips spoke to CTV News during what would normally be the lunch rush, but instead of a lineup out the door there were just a handful of customers eating soup.

The business is currently losing $400 or $500 a day, according to the owner. Phillips said his response to the scandal has gone from shock to anger.

"It affects me and it affects a lot of people who are in my life," he said.

He still insists the video was fake, and many others have voiced their suspicions online. The original post has been removed from Instagram, and there has been no further word from either of the women who allegedly discovered the rat.

"Nobody can get ahold of them," Phillips said.

Though his business is destroyed, Phillips said he's thankful for the family, friends and diners who supported Crab Park Chowdery through the fallout from the video.

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All the amazing memories of the last two years will be with us for a lifetime. The new friends we all made and community events we were able to partake in. Helping to provide hot meals to the individuals and groups in need of the DTES. Building a brand we all were and still are very proud to have created. Being able to provide jobs to an amazing group of humans who all became family and life long friends. It’s with heavy hearts that we regretfully inform all of our guests, friends and family members that this Sunday January 20th will be our last day in business. We truly can’t thank everyone enough for the love, support and well wishes we’ve received over the last two years and most recently over the last few weeks. Please come down and say hello in the next four days. We’d love to say our goodbyes or for some of you maybe a first hello. Life is a funny journey, it has all sorts of ups and downs. We know that with our heads held high and a can do attitude the next chapter will be an even better one. We will see you all real soon. You can truly accomplish anything with a little courage and support from your friends. ❤️ Sincerely, Team Chowdery ��cred : @spoon_ubc

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