NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Video of a daredevil stunt at Lonsdale Quay is making the rounds on social media, but it’s not the kind of viral attention the North Vancouver tourist landmark wants.

A series of videos shows a group of young people taking turns leaping off a viewing platform beneath the Quay’s iconic Q sign and landing in the Burrard Inlet about 70 ft below.

One person who jumped at least twice intentionally belly-flopped into the water.

“Immediate feeling was that it must have hurt,” said commuter Mario Paulino after seeing the videos. "I can’t imagine somebody doing that for fun."

There were no injuries reported and North Vancouver RCMP say nothing in the videos appears to be illegal — however, the property manager at Lonsdale Quay certainly doesn’t approve of the stunt.

“This type of behaviour is obviously dangerous and not supported in any way by Lonsdale Quay or by the local community who regularly enjoy the view from the Q podium,” said Sandra Day, adding steps would be taken to make sure there are no repeats of Wednesday’s performance.

Friday, a locked gate prevented people from accessing the upper levels of the tower.

CTV News made contact with a group calling themselves The Send Boys, who claim to be behind the hijinks.

They declined to identify themselves or participate in an interview, but did agree to answer some questions via text message.

They say they are all under the age of 18, and that the stunt was planned in advance. They also promised to do something similar again in the future.

“There is more coming soon,” the group wrote. “The Send Boys will be back.”