Marley, a seven-month-old Husky cross, is a very lucky puppy. Late last month, after wandering away from her owners' Mount Currie property, Marley came home with a hunting arrow sticking out of her body.

The arrow entered through Marley's back but came out her side at an almost 90-degree angle, said Paula Del Bosco, executive director of the Whistler Animal Shelter.

Somehow, she came out of the ordeal nearly unscathed.

"It must have hit her ribs or something," Del Bosco said. "The arrow had somehow missed all vital organs, but it did nick her diaphragm."

The dog's owners, unable to afford emergency medical care for their pet, surrendered Marley over to the RCMP. Mounties then brought the ailing puppy to the Whistler Animal Shelter, where she was quickly patched up.

With the arrow safely out of her system, Marley is now resting as the hole in her diaphragm heals. She is staying with Del Bosco's family, which is considering keeping her for good.

"My husband fell madly in love with her. I think that we will probably be the ones caring for her," Del Bosco said.

But the question of how Marley was shot with a hunting arrow in the first place remains a mystery.

"I can't even guess," Del Bosco said.

The Whistler RCMP was not available to comment on whether an investigation was underway.

Another dog was shot with an arrow in December 2008 near Pemberton. Despite being hit directly in the chest, the dog survived with minor injuries.

Local animal lover Greg Britnell, who owns Moe Joe's Nightclub in Whistler is throwing open his doors on April 21 to hold a fundraiser to raise money to support Marley's recovery and help dogs in similar situations.

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