A Metro Vancouver homeowner is demanding answers after a Canada Post employee was caught on camera appearing to steal a package off his front stoop.

The soft, plastic FedEx package was delivered to the door of a Coquitlam residence on Nov. 3. Because no one was home, the deliveryman left it outside with a notice on the door.

But by the time the recipient returned home, the package was gone.

"We saw the delivery notice… but there's nothing at the front door," said the homeowner, who asked not to be identified.

Checking the video from his surveillance cameras, the Coquitlam man quickly found an apparent culprit.

The package was untouched for about 90 minutes, he said, until a woman in a Canada Post hat and jacket approached the property with another package for delivery.

The surveillance video shows the woman carrying a cardboard box to the front door, knocking, and then waiting on the stoop for about a minute. During that time, she bends down to the area where the FedEx package was left.

When she eventually walks off the property, the package appears to be tucked underneath the cardboard box in her arm. Shortly after the woman walks out of frame, a Canada Post vehicle drives past the home.

The homeowner said while mail theft isn't an uncommon occurrence, he "never expected [to see] a Canada Post worker doing the same thing."

"I think the public should be aware," he said.

The man retrieved his boxed package from a Canada Post outlet shortly after, but weeks later, there is still no sign of his FedEx delivery.

He has yet to contact the RCMP or Canada Post, but CTV News reached out to the Crown corporation Wednesday and received an email statement.

"Thank you to CTV for bringing this matter to our attention. We are taking this matter seriously. An investigation was launched immediately and is currently underway," a spokesperson said.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Shannon Paterson