Notorious rapist Larry Takahashi is living in Vancouver and poses a significant risk to teenage girls and women, police cautioned Monday.

The warning came weeks after CTV News learned Takahashi, who was dubbed the Balaclava Rapist for a series of attacks in Edmonton decades ago, had been granted day parole somewhere in the Lower Mainland.

It’s unclear when Takahashi moved into Vancouver or why the warning was issued this week, but police said “compelling circumstances exist” to alert the public.

According to a July 2016 report from the Parole Board of Canada, the 63-year-old is a moderate to high-risk for violent sexual reoffending.

Takahashi is currently living at a correctional halfway house, where he must abide by several conditions, including that he avoid alcohol, drugs and pornography, and be at home from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

He also is forbidden to visit residential areas of colleges or universities or travel in vehicles with women, apart from transit.

He must report all relationships with women, including friendships, with his parole supervisor, and is required to participate in treatment addressing “emotional issues and sexual deviancy.”

Takahashi also cannot own or use a computer or any device that allows for unsupervised internet access.

Anyone who sees Takahashi violating any of his conditions is urged to call 911 immediately.