An aerial image captured by the BC Wildfire Service shows smoke wafting from a fire in the province's Cariboo region.

The image posted Tuesday shows grey smoke drifting from the scene of a fire near Drewry Lake, about 50 kilometres east of 105 Mile House.

There are currently 23 firefighters battling the blaze, BCWS said. They're supported by an air tanker overhead and a piece of heavy equipment on the ground.

Another crew is heading to a fire at Greeny Lake, over 70 kilometres northwest.

Officials warned that smoke may be visible from nearby communities as well as from Highway 97.

Last week, the BCWS posted that lightning had passed through the Cariboo fire centre, sparking several wildfires. There were no known structural threats at the time, but personnel and aircraft were brought in.

Anyone who witnesses a wildfire is asked to report it at *5555 or 1-800-663-5555.

Wildfire danger high in parts of B.C.

As of this week, the wildfire danger is rated high to extreme in parts of the province including areas of the Cariboo, Northwest, Prince George and Coastal fire centres.

Areas ranked "high" are warned that forest fuels are very dry and the risk is serious.

"New fires may start easily, burn vigorously, and challenge fire suppression efforts," the wildfire service says.

The risk is considered very serious in regions ranked "extreme," and the service warns fires will start easily, spread quickly and be difficult to put out.

Fire risk June 17

Current wildfire stats

In the most recent data available online, the BC Wildfire Service says there were three new lightning-caused fires and six caused by humans discovered on June 16.

Since April 1, there have been 341 fires in B.C., tearing through a total area of 11,086 hectares.

The following is a breakdown of where the fires have been discovered:

  • 45 in the Coastal Fire Centre
  • 25 in the Northwest FC
  • 95 in Prince George FC
  • 80 in Kamloops FC
  • 60 in Southeast FC
  • 36 in Cariboo FC