For hard-core music fans, the first-ever Pemberton Music Festival is certainly something to rejoice.

With 125 artists on three stages over three days - there's something for everyone.

"It's an exciting time for music in B.C.," says photographer and dedicated concert-goer Anil Sharma. "No doubt about it."

With a crowd 40,000 strong, the inaugural Pemberton Festival has truly given B.C. - and Canada -- an entrance into rock royalty.

But that's not all. For dedicated festival fans, the event represents more: Another stop on the road to a perfect rock-and-roll summer.

The Pemberton Festival now joins a long line of major West Coast music festivals, including the annual Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington, and California's Coachella Music Fest.

These concerts draw in not only tens of thousands of local music lovers - but scores of nomadic festival junkies who go to great lengths for the music they love.

"Sometimes people think I'm crazy, but you only live once right?" says Annie, who drove for nearly a day from southern California to attend this weekend's shows with her friends.

"I live for a good festival, this one is great. Just amazing," she says.

It's a sentiment heard all over the concert grounds. Many have come to Pemberton from outside of Canada - many more making a provincial leap to BC for the show.

Nathan Kot and his friends braved the Rockies for their chance to rock out.

"It took us 13 hours to get here," says the Edmonton native. "It's a hell of a drive."

Despite the lengthy drive, Nathan says it's important to support a homegrown festival.

"I've been to all the big US festivals but I'd prefer to stay in Canada - support Canada -- have it here," he says.

And his wish is coming true. Organizers plan to make Pemberton an annual event, growing bigger and stronger each year.

"We've had an amazing response. Well beyond our expectations," says Shane Bourbonnais, the Festival's executive producer for Live Nation Touring.

Live Nation - which organizes 30 major festivals worldwide - already has plans in motion for Pemberton 2009.

"The weekend will change, but we're already looking at dates," says Shane. "With any luck this will become a strong tradition."

It's news that makes even the most seasoned festival lover smile.

"Festivals like Sasquatch and Coachella have grown and gotten better each year - getting more organized," says Sharma.

"Hopefully Pemberton can match that level of anticipation other West Coast festivals have now that they're established," says Sharma. "I'll definitely be back."

So Pemberton may not be the first festival fans will be hitting this summer - but with any luck - they'll be back for the encore.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Darcy Wintonyk