Another battle is shaping up over bike lanes through a west-side Vancouver park.

Residents of Kits Point in Kitsilano plan to rally tonight outside the Vancouver Park Board offices as staff are due to present their recommendations for bike lane routes through the neighbourhood.

One proposal would see a strip of park grass along the entire edge of the park replaced by a paved bike lane -- a plan that angered residents and was defeated about a year ago.

Critics of the proposed bike lane say city greenspace should not be sacrificed for another cycle path.

See below maps for the options being considered by the Vancouver Park Board.

Kitsilano bike path plan

Option 1: From Yew Street northward on west side of the tennis courts, eastward along Boathouse service entrance and northeast through the trees to the path along Arbutus

Option 2: From Yew Street northward and then turning eastward along the northern portion of the south parking lot and connecting to path along Arbutus

Option 3: From Yew Street eastward through greenspace between the south parking and Cornwall turning north through trees and across parking entrances from Arbutus

Option 4: From path along Arbutus turning northwest from McNicoll above north parking lot area and parallel to pedestrian path, eastward and returning to Ogden

Option 5: From path along Arbutus turning northeast after crossing McNicoll and meandering through the park trees east of the picnic area and connecting to Ogden

Option 6: From path along Arbutus turning east along McNicoll and then turning north along Maple and connecting to Ogden

Kits bike path plan