The Olympic Resistance Network, which represents a coalition of social-activist groups in B.C., says it will do whatever it can to disrupt the journey of the torch when it reaches Vancouver and inconvenience supporters of the 2010 Winter Games.

Representatives of the network told reporters Thursday that they are inviting protesters from around the world to come disrupt the Games.

They said billions of dollars are being spent on the Games to entertain the world's elite when the money could have gone to help the poor.

They said they hope to educate the world about Canada's poverty, homelessness and addiction issues.

"The Olympic Games are a capitalist industry, it's a corporatized industry whose gains and profits are sought only by a few, while the majority of people in Vancouver continue to suffer," said network member Harsha Walia.

Members of the resistance network have already disrupted the Olympic torch run in several places.

They say protesters from Ontario have arrived in Vancouver and more are expected to come from the U.S.

They say if things turn ugly, it won't be their fault.

"If there is violence it is not coming from us. The only violence I have seen in these sorts of things has come from the police," said high-profile anti-Olympic activist Chris Shaw.

The group is preparing for violence anyway.

It is planning to set up its own medical clinic in the Downtown Eastside. And protesters have been advised to wear goggles and bandanas soaked in apple cider to counteract the effects of pepper spray and tear gas.

With files from CTV British Columbia's Peter Grainger and The Canadian Press