VANCOUVER -- Park board commissioner John Coupar has been nominated as the Non-Partisan Association's mayoral candidate for the 2022 municipal election.

The NPA announced Coupar's nomination on Monday, touting his business background as a key qualification for tackling the city's current financial difficulties.

Though cities across North America are struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the party blasted what it described as "ineffectual, ideological leadership" for Vancouver's economic hardships.

"We can turn this around. I know how to do this. I want everybody to be optimistic about our future again," Coupar said in a statement.

"I look forward to putting the future of Vancouver back into the hands of Vancouver residents. I look forward to delivering pragmatic solutions which actually benefit and make the lives of Vancouverites better."

The NPA also argued Coupar's nearly 10 years of experience as park board commissioner and understanding of environmental issues make him a good fit for the city.

Coupar is the president of Richmond-based Novex Delivery Solutions, which boasts being the first carbon-neutral courier company in North America.

Earlier this year, Coupar was one of nine NPA city councillors, park board commissioners and school board trustees who called on the NPA's board of directors to hold an annual general meeting to address concerns members were veering to the far right.

"The NPA elected caucus believes in an inclusive, compassionate and caring city free from hate, stigma and discrimination," they wrote in a public statement.

"We are calling on the board to hold an AGM immediately. The board must reflect the values of the elected caucus, long held ideals of the organization, membership, and the diversity of our city and residents."

Coupar sought the NPA's mayoral nomination in Vancouver's 2018 election as well, but lost to Ken Sim.