A house explosion near 168th Street and 94A Avenue in Surrey on Saturday did not cause any injuries, despite the extreme force of the blast that blew out windows as far away as across the street.

Police and firefighters responded to reports of a blast at a house behind Tynehead Park, in the 16900 block of 94A Avenue at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Investigators don't believe anyone was in the house, but they have to sift through all of the debris before they can provide confirmation.

Rob Terris, who lives across the street, said the force of the explosion bent the door of his garage.

"I was in the army, and it sounded like somebody dropping a bomb right behind you," he said. "I was in the back, and I could feel the pressure on my ears ... I ran around saw the whole house was gone, completely."

Chief Richard McPhee of the Surrey Fire Department said the house was leveled.

"The house that was behind us which we believe was a split level house is now levelled to approximately nine feet, everything's been destroyed, there's been a debris field of 400 feet around the structure," he said.

Terris said nearby residents are fortunate no one was hurt.

"We were very lucky there were no kids walking up the street, that would have blown them into the other yard or shrapnel, could have got them," he said.

Investigators say they do not know the cause of the blast.

The house is up for sale and has been empty for several months, and neighbours say they have been suspicious of the house in the past.

"I was suspicious it was a grow op or crystal meth lab," said Terris.

"We've heard all those rumours ... we have not been able to confirm anything like that whatsoever," said McPhee.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson