Spending too much time in front of the computer or TV and need a little exercise? How about combining the two?

Move over Pokemon – a Vancouver company has launched a new interactive computer game that exercises both your mind and your body.

It’s called Operation Mindfall by ClueCity - an augmented reality spy game that takes you on an outdoor adventure. Armed with an iPad and a box full of cool gadgets, groups of two to six players have two hours to “save the world”.

“It’s for family, friends and corporate,” said Thomas Strem of iExit, an escape room game company located on Granville street in downtown Vancouver.

His company recently acquired the licensing rights to bring the game to Vancouver. It uses GPS positioning to take you through the downtown area to solve the mystery.

Felix Naud and his friends have given it a few test runs and have discovered that using the tech gadgets have really set this game apart from others AR games, like Pokemon.

“It makes it so much more exciting because you get to open it and discover all this cool stuff and you have no idea what it’s going to be used for when you start the game,” Naud said.

The gadget box contains a small microscope that attaches to your iPhone, test tubes, black light and much more.

Mindfall is designed to be solved in about two hours.

“Best time is one hour and 36 minutes,” said Strem.

And the worst time?

“They couldn’t finish it in two hours,” he said.

But they had fun. The cost to play is $25 for adults - $20 for students. And you can book online.

A kids’ version called Magic Portal is expected to be available soon.