VANCOUVER -- While most organized sports are on hold, there is one sport that's managed to pivot during the pandemic, and seems perfect for working out some pandemic-related stress.

Pre-pandemic, Surrey's Bad Axe Throwing gym hosted individuals as well as larger groups for parties.

"It got a little too crowded to continue the operation during that time, so we just completely closed down every Bad Axe location until it was safe for us to open back up again," said axe-throwing coach Kraemer Simmonds.

There are 10 locations of Bad Axe in Canada.

Devotees of the sport – which involves chucking an axe at a target painted on plywood – found ways to indulge their passion during the pandemic. Axe-throwers started a virtual Quarantine Axe-Throwing League with more than 300 competitors, battling head-to-head online.

Now the gym in Surrey is reopening with reduced capacity and new measures in place, such as wiping down axe handles after every use.

"We are seeing more interest from parents with children to come out and try it as well," said Simmonds. "People are just wanting something to do who haven't done it before."

With files from CTV News Kitchener.