An MLA whose dad is a taxi driver and sits on a legislative committee making recommendations around ride-hailing should have disclosed the family ties to the transportation minister, and now needs to step down say the Liberals.

Ravi Kahlon, the MLA for Delta-North, sits on a nine person committee considering input from stakeholders around ride hailing's implementation in BC.

The Liberals spent all their time during Question Period Wednesday grilling the government on the file. That's when Kahlon's name was brought up.

"Will the minister stand up and explain her member's involvement in the ride-hailing file given his family's private interests?" asked Liberal Shirley Bond. The Liberals produced a document showing Navroop Kahlon has a taxi licence and works with Bluebird Cabs.

Outside the house, Kahlon denied he was in any conflict-of-interest.

He said while some staff members knew his dad is a cab driver, he admitted he didn't tell the minister. He also said his dad was a couple of months away from retirement.

"I support ridehailing and for me it's about being a member of a nine-person committee that's looking at recommendations, and what those decisions are will be made by the minister," Kahlon said.

But the Liberals' Jas Johal says the answers don't pass "the smell test."

He says it's plain wrong that Kahlon didn't disclose that his family member could be impacted by decisions made and called for him step down from the committee.

The Liberals are considering taking a complaint to the conflict commissioner.