The family of a murdered Chinese foreign student will meet with the RCMP Wednesday to demand answers about the case.

Amanda Zhao, who was 20 at the time of her death, was strangled to death six years ago while studying English and living in Burnaby, B.C.

Zhao's family arrived in Vancouver Monday night and is spending the week meeting with the RCMP and Federal justice officials.

Zhao boyfriend, Ang Li, was investigated for the murder after Zhao's body was found in a bag near Stave Lake in the Fraser Valley several weeks after she disappeared.

But Li fled back to China before being charged and NDP politicians say jurisdictional disputes and the lack of an extradition treaty are standing in the way of justice. He is now reportedly living in a Chinese military compound with his father.

"The family feels they have not received the answers they are seeking, which is seeking justice for their daughter," said B.C. NDP MLA Jenny Kwan.

Speaking through a translator, parents Zisheng Zhao and Baoying Yao said they want Canadian politicians to co-operate with Chinese officials and bring Li back to Canada to face trial.

"The Chinese government is now dealing with (the) case because they don't have any evidence the Canadian government hasn't done anything for us either," Zhao said in a press conference Tuesday.

"It is our hope that with this meeting and the meetings to take place, that the case will move forward and the family will finally be able to have justice served," said Kwan.

But the bid to bring Li back to Canada has been tied up in finger pointing. The federal government says the case is B.C.'s problem, but provincial politicians say they're powerless without an extradition treaty.

"We want to see Ang Li back here but this can only be done through External Affairs and Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice and we are working with them," said B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal.

Amanda's parents blame the RCMP for letting Li slip through their fingers six years ago.

"Make them bring him back to Canada to face justice," said Zisheng Zhao.

Zhao's family is expected to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson Friday. A memorial will be held for Zhao at the Chinese Cultural Centre October 10 to commemorate the six-year anniversary of her disappearance.