Florence Leung's anxious husband held a gathering Tuesday night, two weeks after her disappearance, to thank the family's supporters and to urge them not to give up on his wife.

Dozens of people came together after dark to pray in Stanley Park, where Leung's SUV was discovered near Prospect Point the day after she went missing last month.

The subsequent search, which has become increasingly desperate as the days go on, has taken a toll on her husband, Kim Chen, who described recent weeks as "the hardest time of my life."

"I miss Florence terribly, yet I'm so touched by the outpouring of love and support that has come from our family, our friends, and the whole society," Chen told the gathered crowd of well-wishers.

"I count on all of you to help continue with the search for Florence… please keep her safety in your thoughts and prayers."

Chen ended his remarks by sharing the vows he read to Leung at their wedding two years ago.

"Today, I marry my best friend. The one I laugh with, dream with, live for and love," he said, at times struggling to maintain his composure.

"On this day, I take you as my companion forever, through all of time and space."

Leung, a 32-year-old nurse from New Westminster, gave birth to the couple's first child, a baby boy, two months ago. She is believed to have been suffering post-partum depression since her release from hospital, and was receiving treatment before her disappearance on Oct. 21.

Surveillance cameras recorded her twice that day: first as she left their family home, then again while she was buying an energy drink and a banana from a downtown Vancouver convenience store.

Her Audi Q5 was found the following day, giving police and her loved ones an area to focus their search, but they have yet to turn up any other sign of her.

Family friend Brian Tsai said as time goes on, they are "trying to strike a balance between being optimistic and realistic," but are far from giving up hope.

"The family will not rest until Florence is found," Tsai said.

Police are continuing to actively follow-up on any reported sightings of Leung. Anyone who thinks they might have seen her is asked to contact police.