Video footage of a missing Vancouver mother with postpartum depression has rekindled hope that she still might be found.

Footage of Florence Leung, 32, was taken in a convenience store in downtown Vancouver on Oct. 25, the same day the mother vanished. The surveillance tape shows Leung buying a banana and Gatorade which was found inside her abandoned SUV one day later.

“She was seen behaving in a way that shows that she is anxious,” Kim Chen, Leung’s husband, told CTV Vancouver.

According to her husband the new mother and registered nurse has been exhibiting signs of anxiety since giving birth to their first child two months ago.

Leung’s family created a Facebook page, as well as the hashtag #findflorence on Twitter, to coordinate volunteers, post messages of encouragement, and gather any pertinent information in the search. The page has also turned into a catharsis for those struggling with postpartum depression, which the Canadian Mental Health Association says can affect 8-12 per cent of new mothers.