KAMLOOPS, B.C. - A family that had to be rescued after skiing out of bounds near Kamloops, B.C., last week has made a large donation to the organization that saved them.

Kamloops Search and Rescue manager Alan Hobler will only say the donation is a sizable amount that will cover the cost of the rescue and help purchase a lot of much needed equipment.

The family of six, including children ranging in age from six to 13, ducked under ropes at Sun Peaks Resort Monday afternoon and ended up in avalanche terrain.

Hobler says the incident is a good reminder that people should never duck under the ropes on a ski hill.

The donation came with a letter from the father, who has not been identified, saying he hopes others can learn from his mistake.

He also thanked the search and rescue crews for risking their lives to save his family. (CFJC)