A group of Vancouver high school graduates say a chance encounter with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during their prom photoshoot made their graduation that much more memorable.

“You look at your grad night and you hope for a memorable time, but I don’t think we could’ve dreamt up a more memorable experience than that,” graduate Alex Horner told CTV Vancouver. “It was really nice.”

The prime minister was in Surrey on Friday before going for a jog along the Stanley Park seawall. That’s when Adam Scotti, Trudeau’s official photographer, snapped a photo of the prime minister running past a group of unsuspecting teens.

The boys in the photo are from Vancouver College, an all-boys university preparatory Catholic school in the city’s Shaughnessy neighbourhood. The girls are their prom guests, according to Dante Luciani, a teacher at the school.

Scotti posted the image to Twitter on Friday evening with the caption “Prom season in #Vancouver.”

Most of the teens, who were gathered along the Stanley Park seawall for prom photos, seemed unaware of Trudeau’s presence.

But a photo taken by prom photographer Cam Corrado confirmed that the prime minister did stop for a group shot with the students.



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“He kind of like saw us, looped around and was like, ‘Who’s the bride? Who’s the bride?’ ” Sofia Kalil, one of the people in the photo, told CTV Vancouver. “He thought it was a wedding.”

After a quick explanation, the teens got a group shot with the prime minister.

Within hours, dozens of people reacted to Scotti's tweet.

Trudeau missed out on a B.C. prom in 2015 when a Kamloops teen’s offer for a date went viral, but unanswered.

And this isn’t the first time the prime minister’s photobombing has made headlines.

Last summer, a shirtless Trudeau made an appearance at a wedding in Tofino.

Trudeau shirtless

Trudeau was in Metro Vancouver this week to promote Canada’s growing technology industry and the Liberals’ Canada Child Benefit.