Two of the most notorious participants in the Stanley Cup riot have been sentenced to time behind bars.

William Fisher, 31, and Jeffrey Milne, 24, each spent hours rioting in downtown Vancouver during the mayhem of June 15, 2011. Their trial heard the men covered their faces, advanced on police, destroyed property and took part in looting.

Most shockingly, both were found guilty of assaulting a Good Samaritan, Chris Leveille, who stood up to vandals who were tearing apart a Budget Car Rental location. For his good deed, Leveille was kicked in the head, stomped on, and knocked unconscious. 

The court heard Fisher also attacked another man outside The Bay during the riot, approaching him from behind and punching him in the face three times.

On Friday, Judge Reginald Harris delivered a strong denunciation of their actions and handed down a sentence of 36 months for Fisher and 32 months for Milne.

“The assaults were done with cowardice, bravado and extreme violence. Their intention of causing physical harm to those they attacked was clearly evident,” Harris wrote in his decision.

Both men are also barred from owning firearms for 10 years and must submit a DNA sample.

The sentences are the stiffest handed out for all of the Stanley Cup rioters, but still fell short of what prosecutors had requested.

Crown will be reviewing the decision carefully, spokesman Gordon Comer said, but the current sentence still sends a strong signal.

“It’s a deterrent message to people that in today’s day and age, you can’t hide, even in a crowd. There will be video, it will be accessed,” Comer said.

There were a total of 20 separate charges between Fisher and Milne, including taking part in a riot, aggravated assault, break-and-enter and mischief.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Nafeesa Karim