There was a risk of rain in Vancouver Friday morning, but the skies are expected to clear in time for the third weekend in July.

Environment Canada forecasts sunny skies through to next Thursday, and highs in the low 20s for the next six days at least.

While the official high for Vancouver is expected to reach 22, areas further inland could see the mercury rise higher.

The forecast suggests highs of 26 C away from the water, and on Saturday, when combined with the humidity, it could feel like a whopping 28 degrees.

The UV index is estimated at six, or high, and the overnight lows are expected to be between 13 and 14 over the next week, the weather agency predicts.

In Abbotsford, the weekend high is forecast at 26, but that temperature will climb to 28 even before the Humidex is factored in by Thursday, the latest weather models suggest.

For those heading to Whistler this weekend, Environment Canada expects temperatures similar to Vancouver during the day. Lows are a bit cooler, and the temperature could dip to a chilly 5 C Saturday night.

The UV index in the area is expected to be slightly higher than in Vancouver, at an estimated level seven – also high.

Next week, the warm temperatures are expected to remain, with highs of 25 and 26 expected by mid-week. Near Pemberton, it will be a few degrees warmer.

On the island, Environment Canada expects highs of 24 in Victoria this weekend, with a very high UV index on Saturday.